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The Music Box was created for a senior project for the University Scholars honors program at the University of TN at Martin, where its creator attended college. From the first bit of song writing to the final master, this movie took approximately 30 months (2.5 years).

The Music Box was written, produced, directed, and scored by David A. Gatwood. He also built the models for the special effects sequences and did most of the camera work. He was assisted by a four-person production team who helped with scheduling, location management, set construction, and grip work.

The Music Box features a cast of 30. While some portions were shot on sets, most was shot on-location at some 19+ locations in two cities. We hope to have clips of this movie available in the near future for your enjoyment in our audio and video download areas.

Cast Special Thanks

"He'll be back. I know he will." Sarah and Jaclyn, Act III of The Music Box

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