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Here are a few of the exciting movies we're working on. These movies and shows are in various stages of pre-production. As we are not a commercial venture, most production work is done over the summer.

"Second Chances"
- Musical Comedy/Drama
Mike thought he was living the good life, a loving girlfriend, good grades, and a job in the tech industry... until he goes home for the holidays and runs into his junior high sweetheart.

- Comedy
As I walked down Pacific Ave. in Santa Cruz, I saw a man sitting under an umbrella, with a shopping cart in front of him. On that cart were two signs. One said ³There is no God.² The other said ³Robert Steffen for President.² While it is unreasonable to assume his name is Robert Steffen, it makes a great story idea. A homeless man, broken and cold, decides to sleep under his campaign sign. In a terrifying outbreak of a new stomach flu, only one person votes in the entire country -- a write-in vote for the homeless man.

"Just the Two of Us"
- Romantic Comedy
When Mike asks his coworker, Alice out, she is repulsed and shoves his heart down his throat. In a freak irony, they are trapped in the basement storage area when a nuclear disaster ravages the earth. As luck would have it, the basement is a bomb shelter, and they are the only people left on earth.

"Sci-Fi High"
- Sci-fi Series
A comedy/sci-fi adventure/romance about a high school on a space station and the adventures of the students. The school consists of the children of the people who work there. Entire families of people live on the space station Freedom. Among the events, the station is taken over by terrorists. Only the students of Sci-Fi High can save the station.

"Tech Magazine: The Movie"
- Comedy
A movie based on the comic strip of the same title. Watch Bob, Dave, Mike, Kelly, and friends as they poke fun at the world of technical publishing.

Feel free to contact us for more information on any of our productions.

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