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UPDATE:See our Future Productions section for information about "Second Chances: The Musical".

Infinite Loop Films is an independent production group begun in 1998 in Northwest Tennessee. It is primarily concerned with feature film production on digital media, though it will eventually expand to optical media as well.

Its sister group, XYZ Television Productions, was founded in 1990, and has done well over 100 television productions, including providing assistance to Infinite Loop Films in the production of its premiere movie, "The Music Box".

This site will eventually contain various information on Infinite Loop Films' productions and staff. We stress that Infinite Loop Films is an independent production group, not a company or other legal organization. This web site provides a clearinghouse for its members to show their works. For information on joining the Infinite Loop Films production group, please contact us at the address above.

We are always interested in sponsorship of our productions by commercial production companies. We are also always interested in finding people looking to help out with our productions to gain experience in the field.

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